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Fire suppression Systems

Does your kitchen suppression system operate properly?

Having an effective fire suppression system is crucial for your business. Our team of

expert technicians are experienced in evaluating your business needs based upon

your unique operation and will develop a custom plan of action.
Fire protection should take into account what you are protecting to develop this

custom plan.

We employ experienced certified fire suppression installers and an experienced

team to perform periodic inspections and testing to meet insurance requirements

and/or code regulations. Industrial Fire Suppression Installation and Inspections.
The fire suppression systems and methods we utilize for design and installation

services meet the requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association

, American National Standards Institute, and other pertinent organizations.

ASI Fire Protection can fulfill your requirements whether you operate a call center,

factory environment, commercial mall or need other fire suppression solutions.

Properly maintained and periodically inspected equipment will keep your facility

compliant with code, government and insurance requirements. In turn, well

maintained equipment will provide the level of life safety which you can depend on.

Our company can provide routine semi-annual, annual, or customized inspection

services based upon your facility's requirements.

Our services include thorough visual and system inspections, testing, verifications

of your entire fire suppression system. 

ASI Fire Protection can also help you with the repairs needed to keep your

system working properly.

Aging systems, false alarms, frequent beeps, smoky kitchens are a good indication

that your system needs repairing. 

Connect with us online now, or call 760-208-4888 to discuss your needs with

an expert today!

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