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Fire Extinguishers

Have you had your fire extinguishers tested and inspected?

Fire extinguishers are an excellent suppression method when a fire event occurs. They act as the first line of defense
and, in many cases, can contain or extinguish a fire before costly damage occurs. 
These fire protection devices are a key component for keeping you and your personnel safe during a fire emergency. 
In many instances, insurance companies require proof that periodic inspections, testing and maintenance have been performed
on extinguishers.

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ASI Fire Protection can provide professional inspecting and testing of extinguishers as required often times

by the NFPA, OSHA and the local AHJ (Authority-Having Jurisdiction).


Monthly Inspections 
Performing a visual inspection on your fire extinguishers by a professional fire protection company is very

important. Inspections check that the right location, instructions, safety pin, visibility and maintenance tags

are correct and functional. (required by NFPA)


Yearly Inspection
The inspection company will inspect and certify that your fire extinguisher is in proper working order,

signing and dating the inspection for your records.(normally required by NFPA or the local authority).


Multi-year inspections
Complete breakdown and internal inspection every six years to ensure it meets industry standards.
Every 12 years a hydrostatic testing is required as well.




ASI Fire Protection is a licensed, certified full-service fire protection company offering a broad range

of fire safety services, including fire extinguisher repair. If your extinguishers are damaged, uncharged,

or otherwise compromised, we can offer the prompt and precise service you need.

No matter the size of your operation, ASI FP can accommodate your needs in a timely and precise

manner to repair your extinguishers when:

- They show visible signs of damage
- They are missing important components (pin, discharge lever, pressure gauge)
- You have had to recently use your exinguisher.



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