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Sprinkler Systems

Are your fire sprinklers ready to handle an emergency?

Fire sprinkler systems are a great suppression method to reduce flames and mitigate fire damage. ASI Fire Protection has the team and resources needed to make sure these systems are fully operational when a crisis occurs.

We will conduct regular inspections and certify your sprinkler's functionality.

Send us a message today or call us at 760-208-4888 for your free fire sprinkler system evaluation!


Why Do Fire Sprinkler Inspections Matter?

- Keeps your property code-compliant. ASI FP is knowledgeable about NFPA standards as well as state and local code requirements.

- Lowers the risk of property damage and therefore may help reduce your insurance policy premiums.

- Makes fire department inspections run more smoothly.

- Saves property and more importantly LIVES! 

There are things you can do to protect and prolong the life span of your building's sprinkler system like check

for water intakes, schedule professional inspections and keep records, make sure the sprinkler system matches

the tenant activity, visually inspect the sprinkler heads, etc. For a system's functionality you want to call a professional

company like ASI Fire Protection.

Sprinklers systems life spans vary. Dry sprinkler systems last 10 to 15 years, wet systems last 15 to 20 years, etc.

These life span estimates take into account regular inspections.

We offer quarterly and annual inspections depending on your sprinkler system, NFPA and your state/local government

requirements. ASI has offered Fire Protection services in your area for over 10 years!, offering professional fire

sprinkler inspections and repairs, with available 24-hour emergency repair services. Contact the team at ASI FP

to schedule your sprinkler inspection today.




Conducting regular visual inspections ensure your sprinkler systems are in proper working order and tell you

when it's time for a repair. DO NOT settle for second best when it comes to your safetyand the safety of your

building occupants. The fire professionals at ASI FP are equipped to handle your fire sprinkler repair needs. 

Fire sprinkler systems should be inspected annually by a professional fire protection company while formal

testing performed every 5 years.With expert fire sprinkler repairs you can save lives, reduce risk of property

damage, reduce expenses and premiums and avoid disasters with low maintenance.

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