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Alarm Systems

Are you looking for fire alarm service?


Having functioning fire and smoke alarms in your commercial building is

paramount to ensuring your occupants 'safety during an emergency.

Failure to do so may result in fines or code violations and unnecessary

danger to your employees and public.

Send us a message today or call us at 760-208-4888 for your free fire

alarm system!


A properly installed and integrated alarm system acts as a first

responder telling clients and staff of an emergency and urging them

to seek safety. For this reason, it is crucial that these alarms receive

consistent and thorough inspections, maintenance, and repair.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems inspections help you:

-Comply with NFPA and state/local requirements and avoid fines.

- Could result in lower insurance policy premiums!

- Keep the systems functional and ready for any emergency

- Saves property, resources and more importantly LIVES!

ASI Fire Protection inspections satisfy all local, state, and national fire safety code requirements and they include alarm

sound/strobe, automated triggers, backup power supplies, manual alarm triggers, heat/smoke detector functionality, etc.

If any faults are found with your fire alarm, you can count of our team for complete fire alarm repair services including

calibration, programming, parts replacement, and more. Call us today to schedule your Fire Alarm System inspection!


When these systems are working properly they provide you with an around-the-clock notification system. ASI FP is an

experienced, certified fire protection contractor that has been serving your area for over four decades.  We provide

total fire alarm repair services any day of the week, at any hour. 

If you are experiencing issues with your fire alarm systems, no matter the simplicity of the issue or size of your

organization,  call on our team for an immediate solution that returns your business to safety. 

Signs for when to schedule a fire alarm repair include: faults found during inspections, fire alarm trips with no

cause, constant beeping or aging alarm systems.

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